ARTIK Cloud’s Featured Cloud Connector: Foobot


Several months ago, the ARTIK Cloud team developed an infrastructure called Cloud Connectors. This effort has simplified the development efforts to connect third-party clouds to ARTIK Cloud. 

The Cloud Connector brings a third-party device into ARTIK Cloud’s ecosystem. Once it is part of the ARTIK Cloud ecosystem,  ARTIK Cloud can then retrieve the data sent to that cloud and communicate with other devices and services through ARTIK Cloud Rules.

The ARTIK Cloud team has recently added new features to the Cloud Connector. Cloud Connectors can now receive actions. Polling can be used to set one or more scheduled Actions. Clouds that require no user authentication are now supported.

There are 2 parts to building a Cloud Connector:

  1. Create and configure an ARTIK Cloud device type configured to receive data from a cloud service on ARTIK Cloud.
  2. Create and configure an “ARTIK Cloud Connector” application on the third-party cloud which enables ARTIK Cloud devices of the above type to interact with that cloud.

Read our tutorial on building “Your First Cloud Connector” for further instructions. Some of the popular Cloud Connectors we have developed include Fitbit, Foursquare, iHealth, Nest Thermostat, and Philips Hue. Many others are listed on our “Works With” page.

Our featured Cloud Connector connects Foobot‘s cloud to ARTIK Cloud. Foobot is an air quality monitoring IoT device with an optical sensing system as well as a Metal Oxide Semiconductor sensor. The sensors will detect humidity, temperature, VOC (volatile organic compounds), and PM (Particulate Matter) values and ratings. Detection of the PM value consists of sensing little particles in the air, such as dust, fly ash, dust mites, aerosols and fumes, then calculating a concentration level. The sensor data is then stored in Foobot’s cloud.

Using Foobot’s public API,  as well as our Cloud Connector SDK, it was simple to build the Cloud Connector to retrieve sensor data from Foobot’s cloud.

Here is a great use case for utilizing the sensor data generated from Foobot’s cloud: Connect Foobot to ARTIK Cloud, and also connect a Wemo Switch to ARTIK Cloud. With your Wemo Switch, you can plug in an air purifier. A Rule is created on ARTIK Cloud: If Foobot’s VOC level is above the recommended maximum level of 300ppb, send an Action to turn on the Wemo Switch. When the Foobot sensor values reaches a normal level below 300ppb, an action is then sent to turn off the Wemo Switch, which turns off the air purifier. 

You can now successful check air quality levels and determine if further action is needed to provide cleaner air in your home. The air purifier only needs to be switched on during times of poor air quality.

Do you have a Foobot device you would like to connect to ARTIK Cloud? Go to our “Works With” page and follow the instructions to add your Foobot device to ARTIK Cloud.

If you are interested in building a Cloud Connector, check out the tutorial, our SDK and some of  our developer examples.  Feel free to contact us to share your Cloud Connector development experience and what you were you able to connect!

Stay tuned for next week’s featured Cloud Connector!