12 Days of ARTIK tips

In this festive season, there will be a lot of celebrating and gift-giving, and no doubt among the gifts being given and received will be those of the high-tech persuasion! So, just in case you receive or give an IoT-enabled device, we’ve got 12 days (more or less) of ARTIK tips for you. So here goes…

Day 12, Samsung Gear S2: The last of the wristwear we’ll feature is the Samsung Gear S2. It’s a powerful and robust smartwatch with added functionality from a number of partners. ARTIK Cloud connectivity means Gear S2’s activity and health tracking, and apps from Nike+ Running to Evernote, can interact meaningfully with data from other devices and services.

To get your Gear S2 connected to ARTIK Cloud, do the following on your Android phone. In the “Samsung Gear” app, search for and install the “ARTIK Cloud Gear S2” app. “ARTIK Cloud Gear S2 Companion app” should also be automatically installed. If not, you can install it separately. Open a store app (Google Play Store or Samsung Galaxy Store), search for and install “ARTIK Cloud Gear S2 Companion app”. After the companion app is installed, run the app.

Log in with your ARTIK Cloud Account and grant permissions. Enter a name for your Gear S2 device. After a few seconds, you should be successfully authenticated on ARTIK Cloud.

On your Gear S2 watch, run the ARTIK Cloud app. A list of your ARTIK Cloud devices (e.g., Philips Hue light) will be displayed. Now you can use your Gear S2 to control these devices!

Day 11, Make any device gesture controlled: Integrate all the work you’ve been doing with Samsung ARTIK developer kits, ARTIK Cloud, and third part hardware in this new tutorial.

Day 10, Snappy Ubuntu Core on ARTIK: Did you know that Ubuntu has pre-built Snappy Ubuntu Core images available for the Samsung ARTIK 5 and 10 IoT module families? Ubuntu Core is an IoT-centric operating system that’s very flexible and gives you the ability to work with Ubuntu “Snaps”. Everything you need to know can be found on the Ubuntu Developer website

Day 9,  ARTIK developer kits: It’s not too late to do some Samsung ARTIK shopping! Samsung ARTIK IoT modules are now available from both Arrow and Digi-Key. The latest high-power module, perfect for IoT hubs can be found at Arrow here, and at Digi-Key here.

Day 8, Santa hat in the photo booth: To make your holiday a little merrier, we are going to extend our previous photo booth tutorial to put Santa’s hat on the person in the photo. Wei uses one of her favorite open source libraries, OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision), and its Python bindings. Check out the tutorial here.

Day 7, Pebble: The Fitbit isn’t the only line of  wristwear that can connect to ARTIK Cloud. The Pebble line of smartwatches combines functionality with design, and you can connect a Pebble to ARTIK Cloud to fit a universe of data, from health tracking to home appliances, onto your wrist.

You can download the ARTIK Cloud app from the Pebble app store, and control every connected device by toggling its on and off status.

Day 6, Fitbit: Pretty much everybody knows that Fitbit offers wearable health trackers and a smart scale to help you track your fitness, which is especially important during a season of heavy eating! If you really want to power it up, you can link your Fitbit devices to ARTIK Cloud and track that data together with data from other connected devices you have to get a complete picture of your fitness activities. You can even create a Rule so that when you hit your goals, an email goes out to your friends and let them know your progress so they can encourage you.

Simply visit the Devices section of MY ARTIK Cloud, click on + Connect another device and select “Fitbit Device”. Give it a name, like “My fitbit Surge”, and click “Connect device”. Now click the “AUTHORIZE” button next to the device you just created, this will take you to the Fitbit Web site, where you can sign in and click “Accept” to give ARTIK Cloud access to your data.

From this moment on, your Fitbit data will be synchronized with ARTIK Cloud. You can read more about this integration on our blog.

Day 5, Smart wall display: Wei Xiao shows you how to turn an ARTIK 710 developer kit and an old HDMI monitor into a stylish, connected wall display with all kinds of cool features. Check out the project tutorial here

Day 4, Nest Thermostat: One of the things we love about the Internet of Things is the ability to monitor and control things remotely. Did you know that support for your Nest thermostat is built in to ARTIK Cloud? Not only can you keep track of the temperature in your house at all times, and see graphs of how temperature or humidity changed over time, but you can control the Nest as well.

Easily change the temperature or the mode (home and away) using ARTIK Cloud Actions or setup specific Rules that will automatically change things for you as needed. You can also take into account local weather forecasts or information from a personal weather station like Netatmo’s Weather station for ultimate monitoring and control.

Day 3, ARTIK 710-based web-browser/media viewer: If you were lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a Samsung ARTIK 710 developer kit (and who doesn’t have that on their wishlist?), take a few minutes to turn it into a pint-sized web browser and video viewer!

It’ll take you no more than 15 minutes start-to-finish – and you’ll have time for an eggnog break during the download!

Day 2, Amazon Echo: If an Amazon Echo is on your wish list, or if you use Alexa for voice recognition, you will love our integration. Install the ARTIK Cloud Skill and control any device connected to ARTIK Cloud.

  • Go to the Alexa Website at http://alexa.amazon.com/. Then say to Alexa, “Connect ARTIK Cloud”.
  • Wait for Alexa to say “Welcome to Samsung ARTIK Cloud, I am currently retrieving your devices” and shortly after a list of the devices that were recognized.
  • You can now instruct Alexa to interact with those devices. A new device named “Amazon Alexa proxy” will also be automatically created in your My ARTIK Cloud profile.
  • Now ask Alexa to do something, say “Alexa Ask ARTIK to…” and complete the sentence with a command.

Please note – the ARTIK Cloud Skill can only be added on the Alexa website.

Day 1, LaMetric Time: Display messages from all your ARTIK Cloud devices and services on your LaMetric Time! Just download the ARTIK Cloud App from http://apps.lametric.com/apps/artik_cloud/1547. We have a tutorial on our blog describing the process here.

Be sure to check this post again – we’ll add an ARTIK tip each day!