Samsung ARTIK 0 and 7 families – expanding your options

artik family portrait
The Samsung ARTIK family of modules

You probably already know that Samsung ARTIK™ modules help you get your IoT products to market quickly. But if you missed our announcement a few weeks ago, we wanted to remind you that we’ve expanded the ARTIK module product line to give you additional hardware options.

If you’re working on single-function IoT “things” such as door locks, lights, or sensors, the tiny, low-power, lightweight ARTIK 0 family is optimized for your needs. Choose ARTIK 020 for Bluetooth® applications, or ARTIK 030 for Thread and Zigbee® applications. 

If you’re building high-end IoT gateways or multimedia applications, or just need a lot of local processing, then the ARTIK 7 family is for you. The ARTIK 710, with its 8-core, 64-bit Cortex® A-53 processor and built-in Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, ZigBee®, and Thread delivers powerful, secure performance. And you can keep things secure with its hardware secure element and Secure OS.

The new modules join the ARTIK 520, which balances power and performance for IoT gateways or devices that have modest video and processing requirements, and the ARTIK 1020, built for maximum performance for graphics- and processing-intensive applications, including autonomous vehicle navigation and large, immersive displays.

The Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT platform makes it easier than ever to build and deploy secure, interoperable IoT products and services. With our new ARTIK modules, we’re confident you’ll find an ARTIK module tailored for your needs.