Event recap: IBM Watson Developer Conference 2016

IBM hosted its first Watson Developer Conference in beautiful San Francisco last week. More than 1400 developers participated and learned how artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping people build better applications on the Watson platform.

The event provided everything needed to learn about Watson. Enthusiastic developers got the opportunity to experience hands-on labs, competitions and coding challenges with industry-leading experts.

Dan Gross and Wei Xiao of the Samsung ARTIK team
Dan Gross and Wei Xiao of the Samsung ARTIK team

The Samsung ARTIK team had the pleasure of sponsoring this great event. We demoed ARTIK Cloud, our platform-agnostic IoT service, and showed how it enables what we like to call the “Interoperability of Things”.

In our demo, we had a selection of devices connected to the ARTIK Cloud platform: from a lamp and shutter connected to a Legrand switch, to a LaMetric display and a small electrical fan. We then used IBM Watson’s Speech-to-Text service to convert incoming voice commands into text. The interpreted voice commands were sent back to ARTIK Cloud, which in turn triggered pre-defined rules to perform certain actions. For example, saying “Good morning” to Watson resulted in the light turning on and the window shutter being pulled up!

As part of the demo, we also showcased how simple it is to develop solutions using Node-RED. We had a lot of developers come by the Samsung booth to try the demo. We hope you were among them! 

If you’d like to meet the Samsung ARTIK team, be sure to check out our Events Calendar, and look for the listings marked with the ARTIK logo!