Wrap-up: DevelopEx 2016

DevelopEx show floor

ARTIK Partner PanelThank you Israel! A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of sponsoring the DevelopEx 2016 conference and meeting our developer community in Tel Aviv. We were so excited to share how Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center (SSIC) is investing in Israel’s tech community with a warm welcome from Rutie Adar, head of SSIC Israel. The exciting lineup of speakers continued with a whole track of technical sessions on Samsung ARTIK, including one from SSIC Innovation Fellow, Dr. Luc Julia, who talked about “breaking the silos” in IoT with ARTIK Cloud. We finished with a moderated panel where ARTIK Partners shared their experiences developing with ARTIK.

We were also thrilled to bring the ARTIK Developer Workshop Roadshow to Israel for the first time. We took developers through the process of building their first  ARTIK project, a smart parking system.

And to top it off, we presented some awesome ARTIK demos to show conference attendees the tools we have to accelerate their IoT development and to demonstrate just a bit of what is possible with ARTIK.

  • DevelopEX16aARTIK Cloud: We showed developers how various devices including the ARTIK modules, Amazon Echo, Bluetooth lightbulb, SmartThings power outlet and motion sensor could all be connected to allow devices to talk to each other to create a smarter home. 
  • Resin.io demonstrated secure deployment of IoT app updates to a network of devices.
  • FAE++ brought the Kitra board, a host board for the ARTIK 5 module that includes just about every I/O and sensor you can think of including accelerometer, proximity, and USB.
  • Secret Double Octopus showed their IoT security solution that offers keyless connectivity on ARTIK 10, allowing for authentication and encryption without keys.
  • DSPG demoed voice recognition technology on ARTIK to control a music player and lighting with voice commands.
  • Vayyar: We welcomed Vayyar back to the ARTIK demo stage; they shared their 3D imaging technology running on ARTIK.
  • Perytons: Integrated with ARTIK 10, Perytons Eye-O-T provides monitoring, analysis and cyber security of remote IoT Edge networks (Zigbee, BLE) for service providers. 

Big thanks to all who attended. We hope you had as great a time as we did!