Announcing the ARTIK Cloud Challenge Winners!


For anyone wondering about the awesomeness of the Samsung ARTIK developer community, look no further than the ARTIK Cloud Challenge.

More than 1,400 developers from around the world responded to the Ultimate IoT Challenge using ARTIK Cloud to build new applications highlighting IoT interoperability.

Participants were encouraged to submit projects based on the following criteria:

  • Use the ARTIK Cloud APIs and SDKs to connect two or more devices and/or cloud services.
  • Use the powerful Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT platform rules engine to set up at least one interaction between the devices and/or services.
  • Document the project with instructions and a short video.

We received many creative and impressive projects, and today we are excited to announce the five Grand Prize winners of the ARTIK Cloud Challenge:

  • The Best Arduino & ARTIK Cloud mashup is the “Nerf-connected target on steroids” made by Louis Moreau. Louis used an Arduino-based AirBoard developer kit with an Atim SigBee shield to send messages through a Sigfox network, then to ARTIK Cloud, based on how hard a target was hit with a Nerf arrow. Check out the video on Hackster.
  • Peter Ma nabbed the best Smart Home category for the Face Lock Deadbolts.  Peter’s solution uses 3D RealSense facial recognition to automatically unlock a deadbolt door through ARTIK Cloud when the user is detected. See this in action on Hackster.
  • For the Smart City category, the Smart Garbage Container from Amol Disale was chosen for the way it makes the process of waste collection more efficient and eco-friendly. The Smart Garbage Container can transmit messages to to the waste management company indicating the container’s internal temperature, or when the garbage needs to be emptied. Check out the project on Hackster.
  • In the Wearables category, Hamed Shekari Chahestaninejhad created a device that can monitor a patient’s fever, then send the information via ARTIK Cloud to a doctor. The doctor can then send instructions back to a second device to activate a cooling mechanism. See more information on Hackster.
  • The Transportation category winner went to Jan Van den Audenaerde for his detailed method of generating real-time GPS traces, configured on ARTIK Cloud for Android phones, then visualized on Openstreetmap. Check out the step-by-step process here.

Throughout the Challenge, contestants connecting devices to ARTIK Cloud were entered to win a weekly cash bounty. Check out the winners here. The five category winners will receive a Grand Prize valued at up to $2,500 each!

Congratulations and thank you to all the participants! Be sure to check out all the projects on Hackster.