Samsung ARTIK Cloud Announces Membership with the Open API Initiative

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Samsung ARTIK Cloud has just announced membership with the Open API Initiative (OAI), an open governance structure under the Linux Foundation. We are thrilled to be part of OAI’s mission to standardize connectivity and provide thought leadership in the space of REST API metadata.

ARTIK Cloud is an open data exchange platform for IoT that allows its users to easily connect many siloed devices and applications. The ARTIK Cloud platform has modeled all its services utilizing Swagger, which will enable any developer to interact with the ARTIK Cloud platform through any platform or language of their choice.

As OAI members, we can bring our expertise in IoT toward creating and evolving a neutral description format for communicating with IoT devices, just like Open API has done with REST-based services.

Tony Tam, VP of Swagger Products, commented:

We are of course honored to have Samsung’s ARTIK Cloud as a member of the OAI. Samsung’s technical vision in the IoT connectivity space aligns perfectly with our mission to establish the OpenAPI Specification as a leading API description format.

The OAI governs and evolves the OpenAPI Specification (aka the Swagger Specification), an API-description format that is widely used to generate documentation, tests, client libraries, and server-side code and generally simplify the process of making and using REST APIs. Last year SmartBear Software and Tony Tam donated the Swagger Specification to the Linux Foundation and formed the OAI, which now includes over a dozen member companies of all sizes that create, use, and help people work with APIs. 

About the Open API Initiative

The Open API Initiative is an open governance project under the Linux Foundation. The OAI is focused on creating, evolving and promoting a vendor neutral API description format. You can contribute to the evolution of the spec on GitHub and get project announcements by following them in Twitter at @OpenAPISpec.