How DewH2O tackles the California drought with Samsung ARTIK

Editor’s note: We recently announced the winners of the Samsung ARTIK Makers Agains Drought Challenge. Dew was one of ten finalists in the competition. We invited them to tell our readers about their origins and why their entry in the Challenge is important to water-challenged areas throughout the world.

dew h20 prototype

Our company, Dew, is a Northern California-based technology development company. Our founders were both raised in India and suffered through multiple droughts growing up. Eventually, they both came to this country—one earned a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford, the other a doctorate in chemical engineering from MIT.

Despite their highly successful engineering careers, neither forgot the difficulties of living in a water-constricted environment. They decided to use their talent and training to ease the suffering of others in similar drought conditions. The result was the PureWater technology, which we feel is the world’s most advanced atmospheric water generator.

Our company, DewH2O, Inc., known as Dew, is based in Silicon Valley, California, the center for innovation and science. As we formed the company and refined our prototype, Samsung announced the ARTIK’s Makers Against Drought (MAD) Challenge. The challenge was an extraordinary effort by Samsung to discover how the Internet of Things (IoT) community could develop ideas and solutions to a problem that is rapidly becoming severe and life threatening. Recently, the United Nations released a study that showed that 1.3 billion people or about 20 percent of the world’s population was living in a water-constricted environment. The planet’s fresh water problems will only get worse as climate change worsens and the human population expands toward 10 billion.

Samsung’s M.A.D. challenge focused on developing a solution using the Samsung ARTIK™ IoT platform and Samsung’s development software, and it offered us a unique opportunity to showcase our technology in the development stage before we gear up for production. Our submission is a prototype for our PureWater 16, a water dispenser-sized machine that creates 16 liters of pure, potable water in a 24-hour cycle. It uses a revolutionary two-stage process to make atmospheric-water-generation, or AWG, energy efficient and therefore, cost effective. We believe the machine is the most advanced atmospheric water generator developed.

dew h20 artik being programmedThe ARTIK board gives the PureWater 16 smart controls, allowing the machine to produce water at times when humidity levels are highest and electricity cost is lowest. The ARTIK board retrieves real-time weather data and real-time electricity rates from the Internet, which is then used to optimize production.

The smart controls that provide Internet connectivity can in the future be controlled and monitored via smart phone applications, and used in conjunction with home temperature and environment control systems. Monitoring and controlling the PureWater 16 via a smart phone application makes our machine efficient, flexible and user friendly. It also allows us to study user patterns and get insights into water conservation in addition to water production. A simple app and a smart phone is all you need!

Here are a few key points about PureWater 16:

  • Produces 16 liters of pure potable water every day. The hourly production varies between 1.1-1.4 liters.
  • Water cost is low, at about $0.15 per gallon using California’s electricity rates. This is 10 times cheaper than bottled water, which costs over $1.50 per gallon.
  • The machine is highly efficient at about 1.5 kWh/gal.
  • Operating costs are about 40 percent lower than competing machines. Our dual-pass, pre-loader technology enhances the concentration of water in the production stream to be processed.
  • Our advanced technology allows our machine to function efficiently in much lower relative humidity (RH of as low as 15%) than competing machines, thereby improving usability in more arid geographies.
  • Compact and portable machine size, with the ability to split the extraction unit so it can be placed outside the building.
  • Uses smart and learning technology from Samsung that understands the water consumption profile of users and ensure water is available at all times.
  • Capable of getting powered by renewable sources of electricity (for e.g. solar)

PureWater 16 is ideal for residential, small business and light industrial usage. It replaces bottled or transported water, and will help California and other parts of the U.S. Southwest as those areas struggle with dry conditions. In addition, the company is working with partners in India, Japan, the Middle East and South America—all regions with severe water shortages.

Besides the PureWater 16, we are developing a larger machine that will produce 600 gallons per day. The machines are modular so they can be linked to create even larger machines. Our projections indicate that on a large scale, our atmospheric water generation technology will create pure water more cost effectively than desalinization plants and without the terrible environmental destruction.

In selecting our idea, Samsung noted that the company was “part of an elite group of applicants that we believe can help create solutions to solve the world’s water crisis.” We are very pleased that Samsung thought enough of our idea that we were selected as a finalist.

Company information. DewH2O, Inc. is based in Redwood City, California. For more information, contact Grant Cooke, 925-989-7117, or Website is