Wrap-up: VIVA Tech Conference Hackathon


Last month, we partnered with Legrand to host a hackathon at the VIVA Tech Conference in Paris, where we challenged startups to build a smart home/building solution with Samsung ARTIK Cloud and Legrand smart panels. We received idea submissions prior to the event and accepted the most outstanding ones to join us at the conference and build their solution right in our booth. Participants had the opportunity to get first-hand feedback and support from our Innovation Fellow and creator of ARTIK Cloud, Dr. Luc Julia, and his engineering team. The judges were blown away by the quality of the smart home & building solutions presented – and here are the three winners’ projects.

1st place Winner craft ai, an AI-as-a-service, enables developers to create apps and solutions that adapt to each user. To go beyond static dashboards and unfiltered notifications, craft ai learns how users behave to automate recurring tasks, make personalized recommendations, and detect anomalies. Without any specialized skills, developers can use the craft ai API to leverage advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques in minutes. At VIVA, the craft ai team developed a solution that consisted of a custom-made ARTIK Cloud device that interacted with the Legrand devices simply by using the rule engine of ARTIK Cloud, and a server that was listening to the state of the device (using the ARTIK websockets API). Connecting the server to craft ai, the learning agent was able to observe and detect patterns to eventually make decisions.

To demonstrate their solution, the team first started by playing around with the devices throughout the day to “simulate” actual usage and create a pattern.They “watched” the TV for some period of time and when the TV was turned on, they closed the blinds and turned on the light. Each change in the state of those devices was sent to craft ai. From this state history craft ai learned the decision model for each one of the devices depending on the state of the other devices. This enabled the automation of a part of the chain, and in the end, turning on the TV would trigger the closing of the blind, which would then trigger the lighting of the lamp. That’s one smart home!

2nd place Winner Nively is a company based in France that specializes in location technologies. They created a solution to make a smarter and safer home for seniors. Nively’s MentorAge monitors the position and movements of seniors in real time, notifying caregivers or relatives of dangerous conditions, such as falls, wandering, prolonged presence within specific areas, as well as other conditions that may be indicative of a potential risk. Nively CTO Dr. Giuseppe Conti said, “The use of ARTIK Cloud has brought us to an entirely new level in terms of flexibility and scalability.”

3rd place Winner Bluemint Labs brought us Bixi, an ultra-portable smart remote companion that senses in-air hand gestures and sends commands to connected devices. By connecting their device to ARTIK Cloud, Bluemint Labs demonstrated how Bixi could control Legrand lights and shades by a simple wave of the hand.

We want to thank all of the hackathon participants, and give a hearty congratulations to our winners. Keep making connections and breaking down those silos!

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