Check out our new device APIs for Cloud Connector authorization

We have published a pair of APIs that makes it easier for third-party applications to handle Cloud Connector devices. With these APIs, your application can trigger Cloud Connector device authorization without requiring a user to do so on the web.

As a reminder, Cloud Connectors allow you to connect ARTIK Cloud to any existing cloud to which a third-party device sends data. To enable ARTIK Cloud to retrieve data from an existing cloud, a device owner may be required to grant authorization to ARTIK Cloud.

There are two ways to do this: You can have a user provide the authorization in My ARTIK Cloud, or you can have your application call the new API to trigger authorization within your application. Note that the application must support interactive redirects, as the call triggers a sequence of redirections between ARTIK Cloud, the third-party cloud, and the application. Likewise, this new API can be called to revoke authorization.

Read more in the documentation here. Stay tuned for an upcoming a tutorial that demonstrates how these APIs work in an application.

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