Important update about ARTIK Cloud endpoints

Former SAMI developers, take note! As you know, on April 27 we transitioned from SAMI to ARTIK Cloud and added new developer resources. To make the transition fully transparent, we also added new endpoints that use the new domain.

On July 18, we will deactivate the existing endpoints. You must update your code with the new endpoints, or it will not work after this date. For more information about each endpoint, please refer to our API reference.

Another way to update your application is to use one of our latest SDKs. We didn’t just update the existing SDKs; we also added support for languages such as Swift, Objective C (with support for Mac), Scala, and C#. Of course, the new SDKs also use the new endpoints.

In case you have any questions or encounter any bugs in transitioning to ARTIK Cloud, please visit our new forum where you can post your issue. The team checks the forum regularly, so you won’t need to wait long for a response!

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