ARTIK Modules: Naming conventions

While we love the current names of our modules – Samsung ARTIK 1, ARTIK 5, ARTIK 10, as we plan our future roadmap, we’re starting to find them too…ummm…confining. So we decided that an update was in order. Over the next month or so, as we update our product briefs and other documentation, you’ll start seeing a new naming convention for individual products, and we want to fill you in on how to interpret it.
To start with, we will continue to use the numbers 1, 5, and 10 generically to refer to those product families. But we will also be adding two digits following the model number to indicate a generation or variant.
So, for example, the current ARTIK 5 will become the “Samsung ARTIK 520″. We will refer to “ARTIK 520” when we want to refer specifically to the Commercial Beta ARTIK modules currently in the hands of developers. However, since there are also some Alpha and early Beta modules still out there, we will use “ARTIK 5” to refer to the whole group of these modules where appropriate, such as in the documentation where a reference applies to all of them. (We are not back-naming the older modules, as they are not a current product line.)
The ARTIK 10 will be known from now on as “Samsung ARTIK 1020”. Again, this will refer to the Commercial Beta currently being distributed, while “ARTIK 10” will refer to it and the previous early releases. 
So, when you see “ARTIK 1020” in upcoming materials, don’t worry – it’s still the ARTIK you know and love. We’re just getting ready for the future!