SDC 2016 Demo Overview

There were so many great demos in the Samsung ARTIK booth this SDC that we wanted to dedicate a special blog post just for them.

Most of the ARTIK team’s booth space was dedicated to our partners who demonstrated how they use ARTIK to do amazing things. Here’s a taste of the demo videos (more videos coming soon!):

  • Legrand demonstrated the first Thread-enabled smart switch which they built using an ARTIK module. This turns a light switch into both an IoT output (for example: turn on a light when a door opens) and an input (confirm the front door is locked when someone turns off their bedroom light after 10:00 PM.) Legrand also showed how they enhance the value of their legacy smart switches by connecting the Legrand proprietary cloud to ARTIK Cloud.
  • Indiegogo discussed how IoT developers can get to market faster by taking the non-traditional funding route, like enterprise crowd-funding through the Indiegogo platform.
  • Medium One demonstrated how they provide data intelligence in the cloud or on devices. They built two whack-a-mole game stations where competitors tested their reaction time by hitting the colored buttons as fast as they light up. Success rate and reaction time were reported to the cloud via ARTIK modules, and Medium One Analytics provided a simple dashboard view.
vayyar demo
In this demo a Vayyar 3-D radar image sensor, controlled by an ARTIK module, sees through the demo table top and detects a wire underneath.
  • Vayyar showed their 3D radar imaging technology, controlled by ARTIK, in several applications. One showed a simulated baby monitor, watching the movement (even breathing) of an infant in a crib and throwing an alarm in case of trouble. Another (shown in photo) can see through walls and spot wires, pipes, and even dripping water. Vayyar also demonstrated fall detection captured through their sensors and algorithms that could be used for cases like senior monitoring.
  • Afero demonstrated how integrating Afero technologies into ARTIK can help enable rapid development of ARTIK devices to act as gateways as well as secure end nodes. The demo showed Afero communicating with an ARTIK Hub and their cloud connecting to ARTIK Cloud. demonstrated their secure IoT app deployment technology with a network of IoT devices that change campaign pictures based on proximity triggers. demonstrated their secure IoT app deployment technology with a network of IoT devices that change campaign pictures based on proximity triggers.
  • demonstrated secure deployment of IoT app updates to a network of devices. In the video they’ll show you an array of nodes with proximity sensors; when the sensor is triggered they change the image on a phone to a different U.S. presidential candidate. Watch the video for details on how use on-device containers to automatically recover from a bad code deployment.
  • Arduino demonstrated the uses of libArduino with ARTIK.
  • SIGFOX builds wireless networks to connect geographically disperse IoT nodes. In this demo they showed how they easily enabled a cloud-to-cloud communication and data generated by a device connected to the SGIFOX network is immediately available on ARTIK Cloud.
eye sight demo
eyeSight technologies uses an ARTIK module and standard web cam to detect control gestures from across the room.
  • eyeSight technologies demonstrated on-device computer vision running on an ARTIK 10. In the video you’ll see their code running on an ARTIK 10 with standard web cam to allow gestural control of devices and systems from across the room. To accomplish this they do deep learning on the device with no cloud processing for low power and complete privacy. Their technology can also provide people counting, age analytics, and gender analytics.
  • Ubuntu by Canonical demonstrated voice recognition, face recognition, and control using an ARTIK module and running on the Snappy Ubuntu Core OS.
  • Sensory demonstrated reliable, responsive voice activation commands of a music playback system using just the microphone embedded on the ARTIK developer board (despite the high noise in the show floor!).
  • Netvibes demonstrated how their “Dashboard of Every Thing” now connects to ARTIK Cloud.
  • Atonomics showed how their line of medical sensors now can connect to health providers using an ARTIK hub. Their line of at-home, lab-grade sensors currently include lipid profile (for cholesterol) and HBA1C (for diabetes), with other sensors in the pipeline.
kitra development board
Production-grade hardware extension to ARTIK module includes sensors for proximity, acceleration, and more.
  • Kitra demonstrated their “product accelerator” aimed at people with great ideas for IoT products, but no budget to design and manufacture custom hardware. The Kitra board is not much bigger than the ARTIK module it incorporates, and includes just about every I/O and sensor you can think of including accelerometer, proximity, USB, etc. You need to see this video to believe it.
  • Makers Against Drought (M.A.D.) had two finalists demonstrating at SDC. You can watch demos of the desalination project and a project to monitor water inefficiencies.
  • Digibe showed how they use ARTIK Cloud to feed their analytics engine and interface to asset management and CRM systems.
  • Samsung’s ID8 Innovation Lab showed two reference designs that you’ll see demonstrated in videos for OTTO, the friendly interface robot, and Nighthawk, a home monitoring system.

That’s it for Samsung Developer Conference 2016. It was great meeting so many of you in person, and we look forward to connecting with others as you have a chance to digest the videos.