SmartThings Meets ARTIK Cloud

Our partner SmartThings has arguably the most versatile and extensive network of appliances and devices for smart homes. And if you attended Samsung Developer Conference 2016, you might have noticed that SmartThings made a strong presence in the lineup of IoT panels and workshops. Today we want to walk through the official ARTIK Cloud for SmartThings app and make sure you know how easy it is to bring SmartThings devices into the ARTIK Cloud ecosystem, where they can interact with the spectrum of IoT applications.

Part 1: Synchronize ARTIK Cloud and SmartThings

Our first step is to install the ARTIK Cloud for SmartThings app. Navigate to Marketplace at the SmartThings home screen.

Select the SmartApps tab.


Click Samsung Home. You will find ARTIK Cloud listed here.


After installing the ARTIK Cloud app, it will appear in your list of SmartApps. When you click on it, you will be prompted to Login to ARTIK Cloud. Note that this home menu includes an action to synchronize ARTIK Cloud and SmartThings devices—we’ll do this after logging in.


Next, you must grant READ and WRITE permissions for the ARTIK Cloud app.

Back at the home menu, select the option to synchronize devices. This is what we have been waiting for! You will see something like the below.


In our case, we scrolled further down to select a Motion Sensor and a Switch.


When you finish selecting devices to sync, click Next in the top-right corner, and then Done in the next screen. This imports your selected ARTIK Cloud devices to SmartThings, and/or exports your selected SmartThings devices to ARTIK Cloud. You will be able to see both SmartThings and ARTIK Cloud devices listed under the Things tab of your SmartThings app.

Connect SmartThings devices with SAMI

Part 2: View SmartThings devices in ARTIK Cloud

Now let’s navigate to My ARTIK Cloud and see what has changed (you may be prompted to login to view your devices). Below, notice that the two SmartThings devices (SmartThings Outlet 1 and SmartSense Motion 1) have been added to our list of devices.


Using the Data Logs functionality, we can see that the outlet has sent a series of timestamped ARTIK Cloud messages! The below logs show that the state has turned from OFF to ON after two minutes, and then turned back OFF after one minute.


Part 3: Write Rules to control ARTIK Cloud and SmartThings devices

Now for the fun part! Since SmartThings devices are now connected to the ARTIK Cloud ecosystem, we can use ARTIK Cloud Rules to set up interactions between SmartThings devices and any other devices on ARTIK Cloud—including devices not in the SmartThings network, and those that are otherwise walled off in third-party silos!

Below, we have created a Rule that allows an ARTIK Cloud device to trigger the SmartThings outlet to turn on.

Connect SmartThings devices with SAMI

As a developer, you can also use the Rules APIs to recreate Rules such as the above within an application for your users. This blog shows you how it’s done in Android.

There you have it—in only three basic steps, you can hook up any device from the entire SmartThings network to the ARTIK Cloud hub, and expand the horizons of IoT in doing so. Enjoy!