SDC Day 1 Wrap-up

We had a great opening day at Samsung Developer Conference 2016! If you weren’t able to join us, here’s our take on the day’s activities. 


Samsung Developer Conference 2016 opened to a full crowd as DongJin (DJ) Koh, President of the Mobile Communication Business within Samsung Electronics, welcomed more than 4000 developers to the Moscone Center in San Francisco. DJ offered a special shout-out to 12 year old attendee Young Jun Lee, winner of the 2015 1st Junior Software Cup. Young Jun Lee was not a just a passive attendee, he lead a workshop later in the conference to discuss the mobile app he designed and built for his family to manage their beloved plants.

open seat
The keynote was so packed developers needed help finding an open seat.

SDC 2016 features more than 170 speakers covering everything from Samsung Pay (securely works on just about every mag-stripe credit card terminal out there) to Virtual Reality to wearables and Smart TVs (Samsung shipped 21 million in 2015). We even saw an stunning live demo of real-time music production on Samsung Android phones and tablets using Samsung Sound Camp, a platform that will be opened up for use on Android devices not produced by Samsung. 

Watch the complete keynote here >

But if you’re reading the ARTIK blog, you’re interested in what’s new in IoT at the conference, and that’s ARTIK Cloud and software tools.


Curtis Sasaki, Vice President of Ecosystems for Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, unveiled ARTIK Cloud with the tag line “Make connections, not silos”. Other speakers at the conference described the value of ARTIK Cloud in practical terms: “ARTIK Cloud connects IoT devices that were never designed to connect to each other.”

Watch Curtis’s keynote address here >

curtis sasaki
Curtis Sasaki introduces ARTIK Cloud

As an example, consider the experience of Legrand , the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. They showed how in just a few hours they used ARTIK Cloud to control one of their IoT-enabled power distribution panels using other companies’ voice-activated IoT devices, smart door switches, mobile apps, and web interfaces. Legrand also announced the world’s first Thread-enabled IoT light switch. In a technical break-out session, Jean-Pierre Viannay, Director of Partnerships Development, Legrand, described the unique value of the humble light switch to IoT developers: “It has power and it’s already installed throughout our homes and businesses at the perfect height for human interaction.”

For more details, see


And of course developers can’t deliver world-class services without world-class tools. Here are two major announcements on the tool front:

  • Samsung ARTIK™ IDE powered by Eclipse Che allows developers to work in C/C++, Python, Java and JavaScript. Debug locally or remotely with Java and GDB. Easily discover USB-attached or WiFi®-enabled ARTIK devices. Push new code and artifacts to the device and run them. Jump quickly between devices when building more complex applications. Watch the technical session >
  • Resin demonstrated their solution to the challenge of maintaining a fleet of IoT devices. Their development and deployment workflow allows you to build and deploy new code images to a distributed network of IoT devices, over intermittent networks including cellular, with protections against a bad build knocking devices off the network and rendering them impossible to fix remotely. Watch the technical session >

Next up:

In our next post we’ll give a brief overview of some of the cool IoT demos that were drawing crowds to the ARTIK booth at SDC 2016. We’ll also cover the key technical breakout sessions where we had a chance to discuss details with developers. Hope to see you Thursday morning!