Learn about ARTIK and IoT at SDC 2016

As we head into April, the countdown to Samsung Developer Conference 2016 begins! SDC 2016 attendees can look forward to technical sessions centered on IoT and featuring the Samsung ARTIK platform.

Our theme this year is Develop, Deploy, and Manage. Utilize a variety of tools alongside ARTIK to develop your IoT product. Once your application has evolved beyond a prototype, it can be deployed to a fleet of ARTIK devices. After scaling comes management of those devices in the field, which means understanding the state as well as pushing updates.

Building a commercial-grade IoT product requires expertise in a wide range of fields, including hardware, middleware, cloud, and security. Whether you’re just getting into IoT or have been in the business for some time now, SDC’s technical sessions from the ARTIK team and our partners will provide key building blocks for success in today’s IoT. Here’s a preview of some of the upcoming sessions.

Building IoT Products with Samsung—From Concept to Commercialization
This session will briefly introduce you to Samsung’s complete portfolio of IoT offerings and give you the essentials needed to get going. You will learn about features, different development tools, connectivity and communication solutions, and back-end cloud frameworks.

Maximizing the Power of ARTIK with Development Tools
Samsung has brought compatibility with the most powerful development tools to the ARTIK platform. In this session, you will see demos that showcase how to use development tools from Arduino, Temboo, Node-RED, and more to quickly build innovative IoT solutions on ARTIK for diverse market segments. You will also learn about the newly-released ARTIK APIs and how to use them to explore ARTIK’s most advanced capabilities.

Deploying and Managing Secure ARTIK Solutions at Scale
As developers connect devices built with ARTIK to support more powerful and increasingly complex use cases, planning for scale becomes critical. In this session, you will learn about a set of deployment and management tools from Resin.IO to help you build reliable and agile real-world solutions on ARTIK devices. On the back end, Samsung’s trusted cloud solution provides a data-driven development platform to create services and applications, offers a way to think beyond a single device, and enables management of all sorts of data. In this session you will also see how you can use Samsung’s cloud to connect your applications, devices and third-party clouds.

How to Put Magic Into Magical Product
See the full Develop, Deploy, and Manage story come to life. This session takes you on a design and technical journey to build an endearing home robot by doing fast iterations, pivoting, and rapid prototyping with ready-to-use and cost-effective ARTIK modules, Samsung’s trusted cloud solution, readily available hardware, and open-source software.

In addition to these technical sessions, the ARTIK team will be hosting a technical workshop on Day 0 of the conference (April 26th). Participants in this workshop will receive an ARTIK developer kit and learn how to create a smart solution. (Exactly what the “solution” is will be a surprise – you’ll find out when you attend the workshop!) Seats are very limited, so make sure to reserve a spot by registering early.

We are so excited to meet you and share these tools and tips to help bring your IoT vision to life. If you haven’t already, sign up for the Samsung Developer Conference today! Stay tuned for our next blog to learn about the second half of the technical sessions.

We look forward to seeing you there!