Get ready! More highlights of SDC 2016

We are on the home stretch! There are just 15 days before this year’s Samsung Developer Conference 2016 and as promised, here is a sneak peek to the second half of the Samsung ARTIK activities we have planned.

Technical Session: Enabling Device Interoperability and Data-Driven IoT Apps and Services
Developers face a number of challenges when developing IoT apps and services: collecting data from a diverse set of devices speaking a variety of protocols, ensuring interoperability across device silos, working with heterogeneous data, reducing latency, protecting data privacy, accessing data from disparate devices and clouds, and much more. In this session, you will see demos and use cases that describe how Samsung is enabling device interoperability and making it easier and faster for developers to build data-driven apps.

Technical Session: Building a (cool) home gateway in 45 minutes
Led by Canonical, our friends who brought us Snappy Ubuntu Core, this session will show you how to build a (really) cool home gateway in 45 minutes! You’ll also learn some of the concepts behind programming for Ubuntu Core: OS architecture, app containerization, application packaging using Snapcraft, and building your own app store.

Samsung IoT Booth
We’ve rounded up several of our partners and crew to show you how our ecosystem supports you from start to finish with Samsung ARTIK. We’ll be showing off the latest ARTIK demos and development tools, and we invite you to come visit us on the pavilion show floor to collect your ARTIK swag and visit with the team!

It’s not too late, so sign up for the Samsung Developer Conference today! We look forward to meeting you and sharing the latest announcements, partners, and demos with you.