Develop, Deploy, and Manage with Ubuntu Core and ARTIK

Editor’s Note: In this guest blog, Canonical’s Thibaut Rouffineau previews some of what Snappy Ubuntu Core has to offer you and IoT at the upcoming SDC 2016.

As Samsung Developer Conference 2016 is approaching (April 27–28), this is not only a great time to get a ticket and plan your trip to San Francisco; it’s a great time to prepare to get the best of the event. And if there’s one thing not to miss this year, it’s the IoT content!

Getting started in IoT might feel daunting at first, with all the variant options available across both software and hardware. So why not use SDC 2016 to get a taster of Snappy Ubuntu Core on ARTIK?

For reference, Canonical joined the Samsung ARTIK partner program at Mobile World Congress this year, and the relationship started on a high: winning best IoT start-up at the MWC start-up event and Samsung demoing a secure app-enabled home gateway with voice control.

SDC will be your opportunity to get first-hand experience with Snappy Ubuntu Core on Samsung ARTIK. Under the ARTIK theme of this year’s conference, Develop, Deploy, and Manage, we’ll have a number of demos and training sessions around building smart and secure home gateways (and more) using Snappy Ubuntu Core on ARTIK.


“What’s a smart home gateway without apps?” Snappy Ubuntu Core is an IoT Operating System with strict OS and app separation to securely run multiple contained applications on a single device, making it ideal to build app-enabled home gateways. It also builds on ARTIK features to offer a perfect environment for home gateways that respect user privacy and security. A training session will be dedicated to exploring this new and simple way to package applications and all their dependencies from source.


“What is the use of applications without an app store?” Snappy Ubuntu Core offers a built-in app store mechanism to allow for easy application deployment onto IoT devices. Deployment of applications can then be initiated by fleet managers or by individual users, depending on the use case. Moreover, this app store can be white-labeled, allowing any device maker to offer their own app store and their own ecosystem of applications. You can come and see the app store for an app-enabled home gateway at the Canonical pod in the Samsung ARTIK IoT area at SDC.


“What’s the point of all this if I cannot manage my device and the software that’s running on it?” Snappy Ubuntu Core offers an update management system to continuously update the software on the device over its lifecycle. This applies to the entire software stack, from kernel all the way to applications. Not only does the update management system cover the entire software, it does so in a failsafe way, with a rollback mechanism to ensure that the device is always up and running. Now that’s really what you need for your home gateway!

Ready to find out more?
Just add these two destinations to your SDC agenda! First the “
Building a (Cool) Home Gateway in 45 minutes” workshop by Didier Roche, Ubuntu Core developer advocate. Didier will walk you through how to get started with Ubuntu Core on ARTIK. (Make sure you sign up for the session in advance!). Then be sure to check out the IoT area – not only the Canonical pod, but also a number of partners using Ubuntu Core in their solutions!

See you at SDC!