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DC/OS, A New Stage for Infrastructure Abstraction

SAMI, Samsung’s platform for connected devices and IoT applications, has long been running its cloud infrastructure and continuous delivery pipeline with DC/OS components Mesos and Marathon as its foundation, with excellent gains in cloud resource optimization and in automation efficiency. As a matter of fact, we have been part of the early adopters who have fully switched their production stack infrastructure to containers, and to Mesos and Marathon for their operation.

With Mesosphere’s latest announcement to open source the DC/OS project, we are glad to see the platform we bet on more than a year ago start a new journey in the industry. DC/OS now becomes the easiest way to run containers in production: it’s a complete, well documented and ready-to-run solution, making the transition to a container-based infrastructure a simpler task especially for Ops teams with little bandwidth or container expertise. It’s also based on a battle-hardened core (Mesos), which has proven to be as reliable and resilient as we could expect in our SAMI platform, running hundreds of containers processing massive amounts of requests and data, and with no room for downtime. Finally, probably the biggest driving decision for many teams, it’s free.

We are very excited to join the community in launching DC/OS, and definitely see a lot of promise in having an open source DC/OS available to all. The open source community will accelerate its adoption as an open ecosystem and will help the industry transition to this next generation of infrastructure abstraction, which is much needed in a time where large, distributed and complex microservice-based cloud architectures have become the norm.

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