Seeing through walls with Vayyar and ARTIK

There are many times when it would be extremely handy to be able to monitor activity in a room while maintaining the privacy of those in it. Someone in assisted living, for example, doesn’t want to feel there’s a camera watching at all times, but would like others to be alerted in case of a fall. Israel-based technology startup Vayyar makes that technology available now.

Vayyar, a 3D imaging startup, has developed RF-based 3D imaging sensors that are able to penetrate through different materials – including walls – to display a 3D image of what is on the other side. Vayyar has designed its sensors to operate in a variety of situations, including darkness or full light, smoke or steam. And the type of imaging generated does not lead to any violations of privacy.

Originally developed for breast cancer screening, the potential uses of Vayyar’s technology include food safety monitoring, in-wall imaging (creating a 3D image of what’s behind a wall) and smart home sensing.

In this video, Vayyar discusses their technology and demonstrates how it can provide critical information about a room’s occupant while still maintaining their privacy. The sensors are connected to the ARTIK 10 module, which is capable of running real-time, computationally-intensive analytics locally on the device, ensuring the privacy of the data being gathered. It then provides an immediate response when it detects dangerous situations such as a person falling down or a change in breathing patterns. This functionality make it ideal for situations like elder care monitoring.

Vayyar’s technology can easily be connected to other sensors and devices, such as alarms inside a home or even cloud-based services that connect it to ambulances or health care providers, either directly or via the Samsung SAMI.IO website.

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