Why We’re Excited About Mesosphere’s Latest Container News

As you may know, we at the SAMI team are big fans of containers, having been one of the earliest adopters of Mesos and containerization in our development workflow.

Mesosphere has announced its new Velocity CI/CD product and Marathon 1.0. We’re pleased to be a part of this continuously evolving platform, which is moving rapidly from container orchestration to an end-to-end “container operations” model.

Our own Niranjan Hanumegowda added his voice to the announcement, weighing in on why containers are a big deal for us:

“At Samsung, we run our SAMI Internet of Things platform on a microservices architecture with DCOS components Mesos and Marathon as its foundation, and also run Jenkins on Mesos to power continuous delivery,” said Niranjan Hanumegowda, DevOps Manager, Samsung Strategy & Innovation Center. “The results have been remarkable – our developers are able to launch new applications (packaged as Docker containers) and push code into production faster than ever, and we are also able to operate our cloud-based infrastructure much more efficiently.”

We look forward to accelerating our production environment even further, as datacenter-scale production becomes the model to follow. In the meantime we’ll be helping lead the way in container adoption and putting a spotlight on developer agility—an absolute must in the growing Internet of Things!