ARTIK and SAMI form an Integrated Smart Home

We recently posted a detailed look at our Smart Trash Cans demo. Today we’ll be discussing a related demo, which features an Integrated Smart Home using SAMSUNG ARTIK.

For those new to the platform, we are introducing SAMSUNG SAMI (we like to call it “ARTIK’s Cloud”), Temboo, and the Arduino compatibility library for ARTIK.

  • SAMI is Samsung’s own cloud service. It is an open, cloud-based data exchange platform that eases IoT development.
  • Temboo provides integration with hundreds of web services, and it can auto-generate code for the ARTIK platform.
  • Arduino is an open-source prototyping platform which has gained popularity among millions of developers and users. As ARTIK has an Arduino compatibility library, developers can take advantage of Arduino’s developer platform tools and community resources.

In this demo, we have two ARTIKs set up to create an Integrated Smart Home. One ARTIK controls a Smart Home. It checks the surrounding temperature by using a temperature sensor, and turns on a fan when the temperature gets high. The other ARTIK powers a Smart Garden. The ARTIK board is connected to a moisture sensor and a sprinkler. If the moisture level in the garden gets too low, the sprinkler will be turned on.

On the software side, the Smart Home is implemented in Arduino code, and the Smart Sprinkler is implemented by using Temboo, so the two boards use two totally different software solutions. (If you are new to Temboo, please take a minute to check their online tutorial and our blog post.) What links them is SAMI. Both ARTIKs stream their sensor data to SAMI, where you can view the streamed data in real-time and perform analytics.

By using SAMI’s Rules feature, we can connect our Smart Home and Smart Garden into a single integrated piece. We created the following Rule: “If the temperature is higher than 85° Fahrenheit, then turn on the sprinkler”. In this way, two different boards, and two different software solutions, are integrated via SAMI.

Writing a SAMI Rule for an Integrated Smart Home powered by ARTIK

We hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of some of the development tools available to you with ARTIK. If you haven’t read it yet, be sure check out the first demo in this series, Build a network of Smart Trash Cans with ARTIK.

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