Using ARTIK with MQTT

We have published a new tutorial on the documentation site that gives insight into how simple and straightforward IoT development can be on ARTIK. ARTIK as MQTT message broker describes configuring ARTIK as a message broker using the MQTT protocol, a lightweight standard that can be used over TCP/IP networks. We also use Node-RED to make setting up connections a snap.

MQTT follows the publish-subscribe (“pub/sub”) model to allow edge devices to subscribe to messages published to the broker. In this tutorial, an ARTIK 5 or 10 is set up with Mosquitto to form the message broker. We then use Node-RED to create a message flow by dragging and dropping input and output nodes.

Finally, we code an MQTT subscriber app (sample code is included) for Particle Photon modules as an example, sending messages to change the LED colors on the Photon modules. Read the full tutorial here.

This is only the beginning of our IoT development tutorials—stay tuned for more, including more advanced uses of Node-RED!