Real-time edge analytics with Medium One and ARTIK

Editor’s note: In this guest blog, our partner Medium One introduces its new “edge” solution for real-time local and cloud analytics, including a demo featuring Samsung ARTIK and Simband.

Are you looking for an easy way to connect sensors and build real-time data intelligence—with or without an always-on internet connection? How about full control to decide what data leaves your premises and how it is actually processed?

With Medium One’s Data Intelligence Platform and Samsung’s ARTIK IoT Platform, you can do just that. We have taken Medium One’s cloud-based real-time workflows and adapted them to deliver local analytics on the ARTIK IoT Platform. We call this the Edge Analytics for ARTIK. It features easy online design, easy management of the workflows on ARTIK, and easy iterations of your data application.

With the seamless combination of real-time local and cloud analytics, you get the best of both worlds of data processing. Medium One’s simple workflow-based application design environment makes it easy for ARTIK developers to build application logic using Medium One’s built-in IoT-centric libraries—something that has traditionally not been available for embedded applications.

Why Local: On one hand, Local Analytics provides the benefit of processing large volumes of sensitive data with low latency, unburdened by intermittent internet connectivity. Continuous security, production or compliance monitoring persists even in remote or seldom-connected facilities, and the local data processing can reduce hordes of continuous sensor data streams into processed events that are appropriate for further cloud processing.

Why Cloud: By comparison, data applications can take advantage of Big Data in the cloud by having data from many users or data sources over a practically unlimited historical timeframe. Such cloud data enables situational (context) awareness and learning from past data behavior, and offers more advanced functions such as prediction and anomaly detection.

We demonstrated our combined real-time local and cloud analytics technology at CES. Check out this brief video:

In this demo, we connected Samsung Simband to ARTIK and then to the Medium One cloud, to showcase elderly real-time monitoring. The ARTIK analyzed motion and heart sensor data, including reduction from ~40kB/s of continuous data stream into ~200B/s of relevant, stateful events that were then passed to the cloud. ARTIK also produced text message alerts when it detected unusual motion or a simulated fall.

In the cloud, we then produced daily physical and heart activity reports. The possibilities for data analysis are endless with these two platforms. This application could easily be augmented with end-user functions such as feedback and motivational messaging, comparing activities to peers, or more intricate motion analysis or contextual analysis from multiple sensors.

Our demo was just one of the many possible applications that greatly benefit both local and cloud analytics. We are excited about the creative ideas our unique technology is enabling. If you are interested in taking Medium One and Samsung ARTIK for a test drive, please check out the ARTIK developer site and Edge Analytics Quick Start guide.