Weaved: When VPN, port-forwarding, and on-site IT staff aren’t an option

Editor’s note: In this guest blog, our friends at Weaved discuss their strategy for scaling communications with IoT devices for both development and production.

The era of Internet of Things will be transformative, and with billions of devices “phoning home,” the change will be fundamental – as much as mobile messaging has impacted communications, or Twitter has transformed social information sharing.

As IoT products get built, however, it is also critical to keep in mind that these are networked devices, and besides the devices being able to communicate to the cloud, it’s critical that you as a developer are able to connect and communicate with the device in real-time, without needing to physically be on the same local area network.

Consider the following use cases:

  • Customer support. Your IoT product is a hit, your customers love it, and your products are deployed all over the world in various network configurations. When your customers contact you for support, you need to be able to SSH into your ARTIK-based product from outside.
  • Distributed developer teams. Your development team is fully engaged, deadlines are approaching, and everyone is writing code as quickly as they can. Like any modern development team, expertise is deployed globally, but there are a limited number of hardware prototypes available.

We’ve all been there, as have the thousands of developers we work with to instantly and securely make their devices available remotely from anywhere on the Internet, without needing any complex network configuration.

Weaved is a cloud-based, software-defined networking (SDN) service that allows you to create an instant private network connection to and between your networked devices. You can think of Weaved as a “DNS” for devices; assign a name and an owner to any networked device, and the owner can then share that resource with trusted development team members.

Think of it as a “virtual cable”

We were fortunate to get our hands on one of the early ARTIK developer kits, and were able to get Weaved working right away. We’ve since built an installer for the ARTIK 5 and the ARTIK 10 modules that automatically sets up SSH, HTTP, and SMB to be available to you from the client-side applications you already use, like PuTTY or Terminal.

Ready to try it out?

Once you receive your ARTIK, you can use the Weaved Beta installer by following the instructions here: https://www.weaved.com/downloads/installing-samsung-artik/

We also have a mobile app, which you can use to access your services. You can get the iOS version here, or contact us for the pre-release Android version.

With Weaved installed on your ARTIK, you are ready to go – just login to https://weaved.com and connect securely from anywhere. We’ve prepared a couple of videos to show you how it all fits together.

Besides being an ideal tool during development, the Weaved services also directly scale for production applications, allowing easy bulk management, administration, and access to field-deployed units for your customer support teams. No more truck rolls!

To get started, visit www.weaved.com to create your free account today.