Event Recap: How Will We Fulfill the Promise of IoT?

We were honored to be a part of the big Tech in Motion event in the heart of San Francisco in December, alongside a number of industry leaders and amazing developers. Among the presentations was a keynote talk given by Jerome Dubreuil, Senior Director at SSIC and leader of the SAMI team. Tech in Motion has now published a guest blog by Jerome that adapts his keynote and presents our broad vision for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the future of data.

Jerome Dubreuil presents SAMI at Tech in Motion

In order to see the true promise of IoT, Jerome writes, we must look beyond the individual smart devices that we are connecting to the network.

To understand IoT, we must project ourselves into a world where connected devices are pervasive and ubiquitous. In that world, small bits of data flow quickly from millions of sensors into the cloud and back into actuators embedded in all things. These things are working to make our life easier.

More profound than connected devices is the unprecedented scale at which data will soon be flowing between our devices. The impact of this data will be to significantly digitize our experience of the physical world, and to enable new forms of understanding and value as the data enters the cloud.

Of course, the ultimate goal is not data in itself, but the value we will create from the data and from the powerful surge in its abundance. There will be so many opportunities to put these new data sets to valuable use that we cannot yet grasp the breadth of their impact and applications. Recall the limited change we thought the first cellular phone would bring, and what mobile computing now represents, just a few years later.

Read the full post, “When Everything Becomes Data,” on the Tech in Motion blog for Jerome’s proposal on how we can rise to meet IoT’s future promise, by opening silos, utilizing data fusion, and—of course—welcoming developers to the SAMI platform.