New Machine-to-Machine Communication with ARTIK and Temboo

We’ve been very interested in the work our partner Temboo has been doing with machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. We invited them to do a guest blog on the topic, and they agreed. Enjoy!

Let’s say you have a system that you want to bring online—maybe you want to be able to collect data on conditions or performance without having to physically check on each of your sensors, or you need to remotely control different machines from one central hub rather than individually. How would you do it?

You could add a device like an ARTIK 10 to each sensor or machine and then connect each ARTIK to the Internet via WiFi or Ethernet, but what if you have a lot of nodes to connect—so many that bringing the Internet to each one is at best a pain and at worst impossible?

Temboo M2M programming tools diagram

This isn’t an uncommon problem, and Temboo just introduced new ARTIK M2M programming tools to help solve it. Now, Temboo lets you quickly and easily connect ARTIK boards in multi-device networks to any web service, regardless of whether or not the boards are themselves directly connected to the Internet. You can use Temboo’s visual interface to choose MQTT, CoAP, or HTTP as your M2M communication protocol, and also specify how your M2M network is configured—ARTIK 10 boards can be used as gateways or edge devices, and we’ll soon be adding support for the ARTIK 5 as well. You can also save your network configurations, making it easy to go back and switch devices or remotely update behavior.

Once you’ve decided what you want your network to do, all the code you need for each ARTIK is automatically generated for you by Temboo so that your application is ready to run in minutes!

Try it yourself!

Networked sensors and devices enable all sorts of powerful IoT capabilities, from monitoring air quality and noise levels in urban environments to tracking cross-country shipments to controlling water usage in agricultural settings.

In this video, we built a manufacturing monitoring application that uses an ARTIK 10 as a gateway that controls a network of devices that monitor machines on an assembly line. We also wrote a step-by-step guide for building it yourself—take a look, and give Temboo’s new ARTIK M2M tools a try!