How Mesos and Marathon Are Helping Us Reimagine IoT

Our friends at Mesosphere have published a case study today about our migration to containers and how this is aligned with our data-centric approach to IoT. Read on for the details!

In his article, Derrick Harris writes the following about SAMI:

The platform can accept data from pretty much any source, and SAMI-powered applications can fuse data from multiple sources without being bound by silos. Aside from data access, SAMI also abstracts the complexity of device connectivity, cloud storage and processing, security and privacy.

How data moves in SAMI

As Jerome Dubreuil, Senior Director of Engineering for SAMI, says, “The things are a small part in the IoT revolution; they are just a gateway to the data. As consumers, we don’t care about terabytes of data or millions of measurements per day. We care about the ‘small’ data or ‘smart’ data: the relevant insights, the critical predictions, the smart automation.”

With our adoption of Mesos, Marathon and Chronos, we’ve likewise rethought how our development environment should work, focusing on abstraction at the datacenter level as the basis of a new automation pipeline:

Samsung wanted to enable other groups (such as QA and developers) be able to push code to production without worrying about provisioning the underlying infrastructure resources. One of the earlier successful projects was running the Jenkins CI/CD platform on Mesos, allowing developers push dozens of code releases into production daily with little friction, all while maintaining high quality.

We see the benefits of this abstraction and automation every day:

All in all, Mesos and Marathon have saved the SAMI team about 60 percent on its infrastructure costs, because scaling is so much more cost-effective. Samsung has a better grasp on its total resource levels, can better predict when it will need to scale and saves resource when it does scale by adding containers rather than whole machines.

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Read the full Mesosphere case study: Samsung Is Powering the Internet of Things With Mesos and Marathon.