ARTIK 5 and ARTIK 10 – Firmware update available

For those who have received their ARTIK Beta developer kits for the Makers Against Drought Challenge, we have released new versions of firmware for these boards. The new firmware images include some updates we think you’ll find useful, including I2C and analog outputs.

One limitation of the new firmware is that the Temboo library is not pre-loaded in this release, and you will not be able to load it manually. You will also not be able to go back to the previous firmware version, so if you are using Temboo, do not perform this update. We will provide an updated firmware version with Temboo as soon as it becomes available.

Please read carefully the notes with each download to learn more about what’s included in the update for each board. You can find the updates here: Select the “Firmware” category, and look for the November 9 and November 11 entries.