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Event Recap: Leveraging Mesos to Manage Container Workloads

As an early adopter of Mesos and containerization, our DevOps team was delighted to take the stage at a meetup organized by Mesosphere, where Niranjan Hanumegowda, Dennis Lovely and Karthi Mohan talked about how we used Mesos, Docker and other services to transition into our agile IT environment. Read on to see the video and slides from their presentation.


SAMI is now comprised of more than 40 stateless microservices. Niranjan and Dennis explain how moving from a traditional configuration management tool like Chef to a system built on Mesos, Marathon and Docker allowed us to reinvent our application deployment, scaling and management with high multi-tenancy, better and smarter resource utilization and fast deployments.

This setup, in which everyting from QA to Production (with the exception of persistent stores) is powered by Mesos, gives a more holistic view of our available resources by letting us treat our servers as a common cluster without looking at a specific machine or rack. In moving from a standard pull model to a push model where developers and QA are empowered to push applications to production on their own, without any manual intervention from DevOps—and with each step recorded in Git—we’ve used Mesos to foster a more efficient and elastic CI/CD workflow.

Check out the video for Karthi’s live demo of our workflow and a brief Q&A. Below are our slides from the talk.


We’d like to thank Mesosphere for having us, and we are excited to continue evolving our IT infrastructure into the next stage!

Bay Area Mesos User Group is focused on promoting Apache Mesos as a platform for creating distributed systems. Topics include ops and tools for running Mesos on public cloud infrastructure or in a private data center, data processing with Spark, real time data processing with Storm and how to build custom schedulers.

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