Create IoT Applications with ARTIK and Temboo

Our partner Temboo has begun releasing a series of IoT application tutorials to use as starting points from which to build a wide range of connected products and services. The techniques shown can be used in projects from building management and smart cities to environmental and farming needs, and even manufacturing and logistics.

The lightweight Temboo library ships on every ARTIK board, enabling you to build applications that connect to any web-based resource.

Using Temboo, an ARTIK 10 (support for ARTIK 5 is coming soon), and the appropriate hardware (which varies by project), you will have all of the materials and information that you need to quickly complete one of the IoT Applications that Temboo has documented. A demo video accompanies each of the step-by-step instructions on the Temboo website. Each project also includes a schematic, so you will know exactly how to connect your hardware.

In the end, you will also have the complete application code on your ARTIK device for the project that you choose. A code snippet from the Water Sensor project is shown below.

Several of the demo applications that Temboo created are built using ARTIK 10, including:

Water Management Sensor: Build a smarter water management system in minutes. In this example, the application senses the water level in a tank, notifies someone via phone call when the water levels are too low, and then gives that person the option to refill the tank remotely from a reserve using a single tap on the phone.

You can see this project being built here:

Connected Sensor: Build a connected temperature sensor with custom thresholds (high and low), along with email notification preferences that can be programmed using a web interface. Here’s the demo:

Smart Trash Cans: Monitor and log the fill level of trash receptacles in your city or town. An IR distance sensor measures the fill level of the monitored receptacle. This project uses both Google Calendar and Zendesk. The sample project (below) shows one trash can in action, but it is easy to imagine how this could be applied on a broad scale, making more efficient use of sanitation department resources.

To get started on your own IoT Applications, head over to the Temboo site. The examples above are available now, and many more practical projects are on their way.