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iHealth Speaks to SAMI and the Heart

When we integrated our iHealth devices with SAMI, we knew we were taking a big step into the world of digital health and the Internet of Things. Today we want to share more about our vision for iHealth, your “tools for the heart.” Watch this video featuring Uwe Diegel, CEO of iHealth Europe, to see what we mean.

iHealth offers blood pressure monitors, glucose monitors, smart scales, activity trackers and other devices aimed at conditions like diabetes, weight and hypertension. Our goal with SAMI integration is to offer all developers a tool to easily retrieve data from iHealth devices and get accurate vital signs. We have integrated most iHealth devices with SAMI through OpenAPI, allowing access to iHealth blood pressure APIs, as well as to our trackers and scales.

Connected to SAMI, all iHealth devices have now become open-source devices. You have the freedom to write your own apps and make our devices do anything you can imagine. We want to help you retrieve data from the iHealth cloud, and we would love to expand our data integration partners all around the world to offer better developer tools and more services for end users.

Like with SAMI, your data on iHealth is in safe hands. We currently use three databases: Our U.S. database is a HIPAA-secured cloud and handles all data from North and South America. The iHealth database in France is a medically secured database recognized by French government and hosting all European data. Finally, we have a database in China that hosts all data from Asia.

In the future, we will establish a new platform and more functional modules—written in JavaScript so that you can develop applications and websites faster and more cheaply. All of this this will be open source on SAMI, so that the possibilities are entirely open to you.

This is a guest post from iHealth.

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