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See All the Standard Fields and Actions in SAMI

What? The Developer Portal is evolving! Last month I gave you a tour of a revamped User Portal, with improvements in data export functionality, chart navigation and overall organization. This time, the Developer Portal gets a couple of lightweight additions that carry loads of helpful information.

In order to write your Simple Manifest, you have to add the data fields that you want SAMI to recognize. When you name these fields, the GUI auto-suggests possible matching standard field names in the database. We’ve now added a link to bring up the full list of available standard fields, displayed with their name, type, and unit (currently represented in code).

Simple Manifest in SAMI

Standard fields come with pre-defined data types and units. The result is that it’s easier for other SAMI developers to use your device type, if you choose to publish it with standard fields. Our list of standard fields is based on the International System of Units.

Simple Manifest with standard field

Above, I’ve added foodCarbs as a Manifest field, displayed with the field type and unit to the right. Clicking the “NEXT: ACTIONS” button brings up a new form where you can optionally define Actions for sending commands to your device.

Manifest Actions in SAMI

The current list of standard Actions covers basic commands such as setting on/off states, color and text.

Standard Actions in SAMI

We hope this gives you a sense of the basic data and commands your devices on SAMI can send and receive. Don’t forget that this only covers the Simple Manifest, and that writing your own Advanced Manifest means you’re only limited by the number of definitions you can come up with (and your device can handle). Good luck!

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