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Interested in IoT? Meet SAMI and the Team

Our first SAMI Developer Meet-up is this Thursday, and since tickets are limited we hope you’ve already registered on Eventbrite! In addition to socializing and refreshments, we have a full program lined up for you. Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll be hearing about.

SAMI Developer Meet-up

Dr. Luc Julia, VP of Innovation at Samsung Electronics and the brains behind SAMI, will introduce you to the biggest challenges and the yet-unfulfilled promise of IoT, as well as some of the nuts and bolts of SAMI and where we at Samsung see the future of data.

In addition, our own Dr. Tej Shah will be speaking about the Samsung UCSF Digital Health Innovation Lab, current requirements for healthcare security, and how SAMI fulfills them. Also joining will be Valeo, one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers, who will show how it plans to use SAMI in connected cars. And for you internet Wizards, come meet the people from Netvibes and learn how to create “potions” with SAMI.

These are just a few of the companies who will be demonstrating how they are successfully using SAMI to create life-changing and money-making IoT applications. If you aren’t already connecting devices and building applications with SAMI’s open APIs, this is your chance to learn how.

As a global leader in consumer electronics and micro-processors, we are leading the charge and we hope that after the meet-up, you also feel inspired to join us and create new possibilities for data. We’re looking forward to sharing our vision for you and SAMI!

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