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Add the Magic of Netvibes’ Dashboard of Things to SAMI

As devices get smarter and the Internet of Things grows bigger, people are excited by the possibilities of apps and devices that automatically do what you want, when you want. The question, of course, is how do you program it?

With Netvibes’ Dashboard of Things, it’s easy to program your own custom interactions between devices, apps and data. We call these custom interactions “Potions”. Create your own Potion simply by selecting the Trigger(s) and Action(s) you want to take place. A Potion can be as simple as “When this happens, then do X,” or highly complex with multiple triggers and conditional actions: “If A or B happen, then do X and Y; Otherwise, do Z.” After you design your Potion, Netvibes makes the magic happen.

We are excited to integrate with SAMI in order to extend the power of Netvibes Potions to even more devices and users. SAMI’s open platform with multiple APIs provides a fast and easy way to connect the Netvibes dashboard to many new objects. For example, with SAMI you can now use your WeMo switch with Netvibes Potions. If it’s 10:00 p.m. on a school night AND the upstairs TV WeMo switch is “on,” then send me a text alert to tell the kids to go to bed. (Watch the above video to see this in action.) In addition to the WeMo switch, users will soon be able to control any SAMI-linked device or data through Netvibes.

Netvibes connects to SAMI using the REST API. The architecture is illustrated below:

SAMI + Netvibes architecture

Looking to the future, SAMI may eventually provide normalized data, abstracted from various objects. For example, you could use a dataset, like Step Count per Day, without needing to know exactly which device was used to measure the steps (iPhone, Fitbit, Jawbone UP, etc). This will provide even greater flexibility for programmers.

Imagine a Potion for heart disease patients: If I suffer a heart attack (regardless of which device I’m using to measure my heart rate), then summon an ambulance and text my doctor.

By bringing together SAMI as the data collection layer and Netvibes as the automation layer, we are empowering users to do more with the Internet of Things. Program your digital life exactly how you wish: the possibilities are limitless!

To get started with Netvibes Potions, click here, and our wizard will walk you through the easy steps. Or contact us for a free demo.

This is a guest post from Netvibes.

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