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SAMI Faces Fitbit

Fitbit devices have been available to SAMI for quite a while, but we made improvements in the last several months that we want to make sure you know about.

From the beginning, SAMI has tracked the following Fitbit fields: step count, calories, time in bed and time asleep. Below you can see a few of these fields gathered from a Fitbit Flex and displayed in Data Visualization in the recently revamped User Portal. Any of your Fitbit devices can easily be connected to SAMI via the portal. For step-by-step instructions, see what we wrote about connecting a Jawbone device.

Fitbit Data Visualization

As we did with Jawbone, Withings and iHealth, we have now made all 52 fields tracked by Fitbit devices accessible to SAMI:

Fitbit fields

With these newly available fields, you can now track many types of information—sleep, step count and floor count, distance (in certain activities), and food that a user enters into the Fitbit site (such as fat, carbs, protein, etc)—in greater detail.

That’s not all. We also improved summaries when synchronizing activity data for several days at once. Each activity summary is now recorded for its respective day.

We also now manage time zones so that activity times between Fitbit and SAMI now match. Makes sense, right?

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