Partner Profile: Medium One

Santa Clara, Calif.-based Medium One combines real-time stream processing, built-in analytics and machine learning for enterprises to enable rapid prototyping and deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Its simple-to-use tools offer users fast time-to-market, even for complex, real-time applications.

In this Partner Profile, we caught up with David Thai, CEO of Medium One, to learn more about the company, his vision for the insights that can be delivered from large and diverse data sets when applied to IoT, and how his team is using ARTIK.

David Thai

When did you first encounter the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT)?

My first time hands-on working with what would become IoT was a hobbyist project back in my college days. It was winter in Canada and my 10-year-old car always took way too long to heat up. So I ended up building a small circuit with a temperature sensor, broadcasting via FM radio the temperature in my car. I eventually solved the problem in a slightly different way – I moved to California!

What are the most significant hurdles facing developers that are working on IoT projects?

The biggest hurdle is the gap in understanding the data such that it can actually drive business or improve peoples’ lives. A developer may have many tools today to put an application together, yet to actually reduce complex, real-time data into a simple action, a new paradigm of tools is needed. What if a typical developer actually had the tools of a data scientist? And what if these tools were directly integrated into real-time applications? This would really enable development of many useful applications while accelerating their time-to-market. And this is our aim.

What role do you see your company playing in the future of IoT?

Our vision is to be the data intelligence platform of choice for IoT businesses. We want to grow the intelligence tools and capabilities that really enable the wider adoption of data-driven business practices. There is a large value in building IoT applications based on intelligence, and we want to help by allowing developers to focus on their application logic, without having to worry about performance, scalability, storage, and other basic functionality.

If resources were not a factor, what would be your dream IoT application to build?

One of my dream IoT applications would be to build Smart Glasses for surgeons that allows them to see a patient’s body in detail to perform as minimally invasive surgery as possible. Medical applications that help save people’s lives have always been of high interest to me. I saw one amazing product that provided stereoscopic vascular imaging. Nurses could see a patient’s veins – through their skin – in order to provide precision IV placement. What a great technology! Extending this type of technology and putting it in the hands of surgeons would be a dream!

What are the coolest IoT applications you have seen recently?

There are so many cool IoT products out there and in so many different industries. A few applications that have caught my attention: environmental tracking of air pollution and UV, oil production efficiency monitoring and HVAC energy optimization. While these may not be flashy, I do believe these applications can have the greatest impact, and in turn drive IoT technology development that also trickles into cool gadgetry.

What were your first impressions after you unboxed ARTIK?

We have been using ARTIK 10 since its launch in May. It packs a lot of compute power with Wi-Fi and three different variants to size up to the right application. It is exciting to ponder all the neat things that can be done with it.

Tell us about your current work, and how ARTIK fits into your vision.

We are currently working on a demo project to connect our office and generate tons of data to analyze.

Are you using other tools from Samsung?

Medium One uses Samsung SAMIIO as a platform to enable developers to rapidly build real-time processes on their data. We provide a Workflow Builder with a rich set of IoT-centric analytics and machine learning libraries that enable Samsung developers to easily create data processing workflows and gain insights about their data. SAMI provides a nice, scalable cloud platform for development with links to ARTIK.

What is something new you’ve learned that could help other developers?

One thing we have learned is how to improve the process of connecting to the Medium One web portal and putting our intelligence to work very quickly. We are happy to share from our experience.

Medium One is an ARTIK partner. To learn more about Medium One, check out the company website.