ARTIK is on the Road to Beta

Earlier this month we announced that we were wrapping up the Alpha Developer Program. We only launched ARTIK a couple of months ago, and we are delighted to see the overwhelming interest from companies, developers and the Maker community. We received so many submissions for the Alpha program that we’ve just finished individually reviewing and responding to them all, and we’d like to thank you again for your patience.

The Alpha program was just the beginning. ARTIK is now officially on the Road to Beta, which means that everyone building with ARTIK in the future will benefit from the initial testing, bug squashing and valuable feedback provided by our Alpha developers.

We’ve also listened to the feedback our early Alpha developers sent us, and we are now working to create more documentation, schematics and information for developers on the ARTIK developer website (currently for Alpha developers only), which will make it easier for you to get going with your projects.

Be among the first to know when and where ARTIK Beta Developer Kits will be available – register your interest here.

To our Makers Against Drought applicants

As promised, we have selected the ideas that will be moving on to the next round of the challenge, and are communicating the status of applications with all of our entrants.

In the meanwhile, we will continue updating you about what our partners, engineers and alpha developers are doing with the Alpha Kits – we expect to see some cool projects in the near future.

We are moving full speed ahead, and we’re very excited to have you making this journey with us. Let’s hit the road!