What Is ARTIK? Well…

Do you want to tell your friends and family about ARTIK, but have a hard time explaining why? Maybe they haven’t heard of IoT, or maybe one of them doesn’t like polar bears.

We can help you (except for that last thing). Play them the video we made especially for launch:

The video makes some important points about ARTIK:

  • ARTIK isn’t a single tool. It is a family of modules, and each one is scaled for specific types of IoT applications—from wearables to smart appliances and media hubs. If you like to connect things, then there is an ARTIK for you.
  • We did a lot of work to make your privacy our priority. On the hardware and software level, ARTIK controls who can access the device, what they can do, and what information they’re allowed to view. ARTIK also has smart machine learning for identifying unusual behaviors affecting the device. That means things like this won’t happen.
  • We want you to focus on building new products and services instead of getting stuck in developer busywork. If you run into any problems with ARTIK or just have a question, send an email to support we’ll help you with your issue.
  • The purpose of all this is to build a unified ecosystem for IoT. That’s why we also announced things like SmartThings OpenCloud, our software and data aggregation service that can send and receive all data formats between all devices, and store them for analytics.

IoT is moving fast and so are developments in ARTIK. Be the first to know when new modules, releases and updates are available by signing up for our mailing list (at the bottom of this page).