Samsung ARTIK Meets Makers in D.C.

This past weekend, members of the Samsung ARTIK team were in Washington, D.C. for the National Maker Faire, where we had a chance to showcase the three ARTIK modules, talk to makers about their own projects, and meet some great people.

Megan Smith, U.S. Chief Technology Officer and Assistant to the President, with Curtis Sasaki, VP of Developer Ecosystem at SSIC, showing her the ARTIK modules. Curtis gave a board to Ms. Smith so that she can get started on her own IoT projects!

All three ARTIK modules, seen side-by-side-by-side. Yes, they really are that small!

Our friends from Temboo were there showing off their interactive demo. You can watch their ARTIK-enabled smart water pump here.

Dr. Charles Webster, a pediatrician, created this pin that he uses with his patients. He calls it Mr. RIMP (or Robot in My Pocket), and it is a 3D-printed wearable Arduino-based robot for kids.

Dan Gross, director of technical support for ARTIK, showing off the use of ARTIK 10 as a smart-home hub.

The team from was at Maker Faire to show off its crowd-sourced 3D-printing projects, including this amazing bust of Benjamin Franklin.

A 3D-printed bionic arm? It is possible, thanks to the work being done by Limbitless Solutions. You may recall that Tony Stark—that is, Robert Downey Jr.—recently gave an Iron Man-styled bionic arm to a boy named Alex.

Did you ever wonder what R2-D2 looks like from the inside? Maybe a little bit like this droid!

During Maker Faire, kids were invited to assemble their own LEGO city.

Artie with ARTIK team member Connie, enjoying her new hoodie!

It was a hot weekend in the Capitol, so the Samsung ARTIK team gave away ice cream to keep makers super cool.

Were you at the National Maker Faire this past weekend? Share your favorite moments—and photos—with us via Twitter. We’d love to see what you are making now!

Photos by Glenn Cameron and Curtis Sasaki