Samsung ARTIK et la French Tech

We’ll always have Paris. Well, at least we did this week.

You see, Samsung is committed to collaborating and investing in the French tech community. And so, we were in Paris today at an exclusive event with media, industry leaders, partners, VCs and government liaisons to announce* the next stage in the development of our Samsung ARTIK platform with the integration of SIGFOX‘s Internet of Things (IoT) network protocol.

Adding SIGFOX technology to the Samsung ARTIK platform provides a low-cost and energy efficient alternative suited for small-message communication that the vast majority of IoT-connected devices will need. Developers will be able to quickly activate the network through a simple cloud connectivity subscription.

At this event, Young Sohn, President and Chief Strategy Officer of Samsung Electronics, was joined on stage at the Maison de la Mutualité by SIGFOX Founder and CEO Ludovic Le Moan and Chairwoman of the Board Anne Lauvergeon, as well as representatives from Weenat and BodyCap (maker of E-Celsius). Emmanuel Macron, the French Minister of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Sector, was also present.

“As part of our Samsung ARTIK ecosystem, SIGFOX technology represents a key step forward for IoT, as it makes it simpler for developers to create low-cost, low-power devices and services that easily connect to the network,” said Sohn. “The integration allows for ARTIK developers to take advantage of SIGFOX’s rapidly growing network deployments.”

SIGFOX’s Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) technology for connecting devices provides scalable, long-range, two-way connectivity and very high capacity in more than a dozen countries and major cities in Western Europe. The service will also expand to the U.S., and a SIGFOX citywide network is already active in San Francisco.

The SIGFOX Ready™ program ensures that compatible devices have optimal radio performance and are promoted in the global SIGFOX Ready™ solution catalogue. Devices based on the Samsung ARTIK platform can now easily become SIGFOX Ready™ and can connect wherever the SIGFOX network is available.

Samsung also announced the opening of the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center in Paris, an investment in SIGFOX, and on going collaboration with the FrenchTech community in IoT.


What’s in it for me?

We’re glad you asked. First, have you applied to get a Samsung ARTIK Developer Kit? For those of you who will be getting our new kits that are set to ship this summer and are in a geography covered by the SIGFOX network, you will be able to test the SIGFOX IoT network protocol for yourself, as the radio will be included on the Samsung ARTIK 5 and Samsung ARTIK 10 development boards.

Samsung ARTIK, together with SIGFOX, will give developers new ways to address global challenges leveraging the Internet of Things.