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An Eye Toward Usability

In case you didn’t notice, we happen to love UX improvements here at SAMI HQ. We think the flexibility and potential of SAMI is greatly focused by a front-end experience that anticipates what you need and gets you there efficiently. This is why we’ve just given the User Portal a facelift.

Next to each device is a cog that you can click to view information such as the device type and device ID, rename the device and generate a device token.


The three main functionalities are now organized into tabs running along the top of the portal.


Let’s start with the newest improvement. The Exports view most recently appeared in the Trials Admin portal and it really becomes useful in the User Portal. This tab gives you a summary of your exports history organized in reverse chronological order.


When you request a data export here or in the Data Logs and Charts views, it will appear with a “queued” status and message. (You may miss it because export requests are proceessed very quickly, but you’ll get the notification in your inbox.) When ready, the view exposes a download link, and information such as the expiration time/date and the export format.


Charts view gives you Data Visualization, and diving into your data is even smoother than before. You can select a specific date range by using separate From and To date pickers, which is especially convenient for the new Exports widget on the upper-right corner.

You might have heard about the Exports widget if you subscribe to our newsletter. You can now use it to request a data export directly from Data Visualization. In addition, the Data Export Parameters option generates a block of JSON that you can quickly copy to the clipboard for use in Export APIs. The start and end dates are defined by the current date range. This should make it a little easier to bring your data into applications like MATLAB for analysis!

Another subtlety is that we have changed the default view of your charts, which previously defaulted to a 10s live window optimized for live-streaming devices such as Simband. Now the charts remember your previous zoom level and timeline mode (play/paused) so you can pick up where you left off.

If there is new data, you’ll receive a notification:


Data Logs

The Data Logs, also known as Table View, give you a summary view of messages received by SAMI and now include a direct link to export the data. If you have new data, you’ll receive a notification with an option to refresh.


Note that we also recently updated the Developer Portal. Improvements and new features come fast, and we are already in the middle of our next update. The best way to catch the early word on these is through the newsletter. Sign up with the link on the bottom right of this page!

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