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Why Weight? Here’s Withings

Recently we announced Jawbone integration with SAMI. You may have also noticed in our earlier Developing With SAMI tutorial series that Withings devices are also supported. We use these in development and wanted to share more information about the Withings fields in SAMI.

Connecting the Withings device works as usual—a few clicks and authentication in the User Portal are all you need. For more instructions, see the post about connecting a Jawbone device.

Here at the office we’ve been running tests with the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor and Smart Body Analyzer, a tricked-out version of the Scale that can also measure and track things like heart rate, body fat, indoor temperature and more. Here are the fields:

Withings data fields

Below we have weight (Weight) from the Withings scale arranged with systolic (SysBloodPres) and diastolic (DiasBloodPres) blood pressure from the Withings monitor.

Weight and blood pressure

Having the Withings data in SAMI allows us to set it alongside data from other devices, such as Simband. Here we have systolic and diastolic blood pressure from the Withings monitor next to the corresponding data from Simband.

Blood pressure in Withings

We have the option to display the individual data points, connect them in a line that shows the overall trend (the more data points, the more meaningful), or render the data in bar form (which is really useful for quickly finding high and low values).

As a reminder, you can access the visualization options by clicking the pulldown button in the upper right.

See you next time!

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