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Say Hello to Jawbone

We are pleased to announce that SAMI is now fully integrated with Jawbone APIs. This means you can connect a Jawbone UP to SAMI in the User Portal and access and visualize any of the device’s data. If you want to develop a SAMI application that utilizes Jawbone data, it’s easy—see how we did it for Withings.

To connect the device, first navigate to the User Portal and log in. Then add a new device of the type “Jawbone” and click the Connect button. The Jawbone device appears on your dashboard.

Dashboard with Jawbone

Clicking the Authorize button takes you to Jawbone’s authentication site, where you enter your Jawbone credentials to grant SAMI access to the device data. Note that you only have to authenticate once to connect the Jawbone device to SAMI. Afterward, you can access Data Visualization by clicking the magnifying glass next to the Jawbone’s name.

All the data fields exposed by Jawbone can then be selected in the Data Visualization interface to be rendered into dynamic charts or highly searchable tables using Table View. You can access them by clicking the “+/- CHARTS” button in Data Visualization. Here are all the fields:

Jawbone data

Jawbone data

Broadly speaking, the fields can be broken down into data for “moves” (e.g., distance, steps, calories) and “sleep” (e.g., awake_time, asleep_time, duration). For detailed descriptions of all the fields, please see the Jawbone API documentation.

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