Our Mission in Motion

IoT World 2015 was amazing. Thanks to everyone who said hello at our booth, applied to the Alpha Developer Program (thousands of applications and counting!) and reported, blogged or tweeted about ARTIK.

We’ll share some pics in a moment, but check out our president and CSO Young Sohn’s keynote from the event. In his talk, Young walks through the technical challenges ARTIK was designed to meet—size, power requirements, interoperability, security/privacy, insight, and ease of development—in order to accelerate ideas in IoT.

Young also invites our partners SmartThings, Boogio, Arduino and Temboo to talk about the ARTIK platform and show off some of the work they’ve accomplished with ARTIK. At the end of the keynote, he announces our Makers Against Drought $100,000 challenge to end the California water crisis. We were inspired and think you will be too!