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Introducing SmartThings OpenCloud

Last week at IoT World 2015, SmartThings founder and CEO Alex Hawkinson and Samsung Electronics President and CSO Young Sohn debuted SmartThings OpenCloud, a software and data aggregation service powered by SAMI. OpenCloud complements the new ARTIK family of IoT modules, which include SDKs for SAMI connectivity. See Young’s keynote from the event.

SmartThings OpenCloud uses the flexible SAMI APIs to bring the Internet of Things onto a unified platform. Those of you developing with SAMI will not be surprised that this is an agnostic platform that can send and receive all data formats between all devices, and store them for analytics.

SmartThings OpenCloud

We are very excited because OpenCloud demonstrates what SAMI brings as a data broker to fragmented domains such as IoT. SAMI is an open system that works for all types of vertical markets: digital health, wearable devices, smart homes, smart cars, smart lighting, etc.

How OpenCloud works

As Jeff Hagins says over at SmartThings:

From the very beginning at SmartThings, we recognized that there was a component of our platform that was essentially missing–that of a stand-alone Device Cloud. A Device Cloud is a Platform-as-a-Service offering that allows device manufacturers to easily create a connected device and companion mobile application (iOS, Android, etc) without having to actually build and maintain the Cloud components of that solution. It allows the device maker to focus on the value-added device and software, but not the plumbing that brings it together.

SAMI can provide an application standard for a market like IoT—where interoperability and security are essential—because it emphasizes Data Driven Development. Writing a Manifest allows you to think beyond single devices and consider instead how data belonging to different users and devices can be connected to generate new insights. We think data fusion is the way forward and we know you agree if you use SAMI.

OpenCloud accelerates the mission that Samsung Electronics President and CEO BK Yoon announced at CES 2015: for 100 percent of Samsung devices to be connected to the Internet of Things by 2020. More than tools, our devices must become active in supporting our lives. OpenCloud is a big step toward an open IoT ecosystem in which humans and hardware together build a better world.

In the coming weeks and months the SAMI team will share more details about how SAMI is integrating with SmartThings, and we’ll be working hard to deliver new features and functionality at the highest quality. We look forward to seeing what you continue to build on this platform.

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