ARTIK’s Debut in Pictures

Hey everyone! We are hard at work getting ARTIK devkits out to our first round of developers (and preparing for round two). At the same time, we’re still feeling the afterglow of IoT World 2015. Here is how the Samsung ARTIK booth looked on release day.

It was a great day!

The ARTIK modules and devkits in their display case.

Glenn and Janaina buried next to the devkit boxes (did you get yours?).

The space got very crowded following Young’s keynote.

Cards that visitors filled out for their ARTIK t-shirts and party invites.

Temboo demos the smart water tank it built with ARTIK and also presented during the keynote.

The hardware display was almost always surrounded by visitors taking snapshots.

Janaina scans a visitor’s badge for his contact info.

Boogio‘s new sensor featuring ARTIK 1.

The ARTIK devkit earns itself a spot in the booth.

We hope you enjoyed learning about ARTIK. Thanks for coming!

Photos by Peter Lee