Hello, World!

We’re so excited to introduce ARTIK.

The team has been working night and day, for many months, to build, test and express its vision for a better, more creative and human-centric Internet of Things. We are offering ARTIK as a powerful solution for a future in which technology brings us closer to our environments and to each other.

What is ARTIK?

It’s a family of building blocks optimized for IoT. Each ARTIK module fits a powerful processor, rich connectivity and airtight security inside a very small frame. ARTIK provides a platform for developers who simply want to focus on building and testing new ideas for IoT. Rather than spend your time writing low-level libraries, we invite you to use our development tools and open APIs to bring wearable tech, smart devices and hubs to market more quickly, cheaply and easily.

Our goals in building ARTIK were to minimize fragmentation and enable faster adoption of IoT. The Internet of Things is supposed to integrate our devices and experiences, yet it’s currently hampered by disconnected apps and ecosystems. ARTIK provides an end-to-end solution for making interconnected applications, from low-power wearables to high-end smart homes.


Ask some of the partners we’ve lined up, or get some early inspiration. For example:

We’ve joined with Arduino, heroes of the maker community, to work on getting ARTIK Arduino Certified and integrated with the Arduino IDE. You won’t have to be a professional developer to build with ARTIK; all you need is an idea.

Every ARTIK board ships with a Temboo library that, in conjunction with the Temboo website, lets you quickly generate code for the IoT applications you’re building. Look at the water monitor they made in minutes with ARTIK!

From advanced analytics and global cellular connectivity to new farming tools and wearable foot sensors, there are more stories to tell, and many more for you to imagine.

The family

Let’s meet the members of the ARTIK family. This page gives you all the vital stats.

ARTIK 1 is about the size of a Skittle and is the world’s smallest IoT module. With ARTIK 1, a smartwatch can last 3 weeks on a single charge, while being kept in always-on mode and paired to a smartphone.

ARTIK 5 uses ePoP, which means it has the best performance and storage for its size. We envision this one in smart-home hubs and applications that need streaming video or high computation.

ARTIK 10 raises the bar for IoT. It’s as powerful as a smartphone and renders high-resolution video, so it can drive home servers, media hubs, personal clouds and more.

Where you fit in

We want to nurture a vibrant community that values rapid innovation and openness. We’re now opening the Alpha Developer Program to a limited group of developers who want to get a head start with ARTIK and help us make the platform even better.

Through the Alpha Program, you’ll have access to hardware and technical support, and connect directly with our team for assistance and feedback. If this all sounds good to you, apply to be part of the Alpha Developer Program today, hook up your board and help us make everything smarter.