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Bloom and SAMI Give a New Glimpse of Birth

Bloom develops clinically accurate solutions that combine wearable technologies and data analytics to help expectant moms and their partners take the guesswork out of their pregnancy. We’ve partnered with Bloom Technologies to integrate its product with SAMI, which complements and extends Bloom’s data-driven approach to consumer health.

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Bloom’s wearable is a patch that includes a clinically accurate sensor that measures and tracks the frequency, duration and intensity of contractions that begin at the end of the second trimester of pregnancy. Future updates to Bloom will allow mothers to access more indicators of their health and their baby’s health. Until now, this data has only been available in the hospital system. Because Bloom’s patch uses low-power electronics, it can be used throughout the third trimester without charging. Meanwhile, the sensor helps its wearer to understand what a contraction feels like, and to know when she is actually in labor and needs to visit the hospital.


The integration with SAMI took two weeks and resulted in a Bloom prototype with enhanced capabilities. SAMI runs behind-the-scenes to handle Bloom’s data and backend needs. Contraction and heartrate data are streamed in real-time from the Bloom sensor and app to SAMI, where they can be combined with third-party data streams (such as a phone accelerometer) and stored for future SAMI analytics.

The result is richer, more complete information about an expectant mother’s body that she can retrieve from the Bloom app or SAMI User Portal and then share with her physician, opening the door to new clinical knowledge on pregnancy and its potential complications. As with all things SAMI, users drive the research by being the first to gain insight into their own bodies.

The Bloom team will be blogging in more depth about how and why the SAMI integration works. Below, Bloom co-founder Julien Penders gives a glimpse of the new Bloom data streams and Manifests written for SAMI (see around minute 37):

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