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SleepRate and SAMI Link Up

One of the partnerships we announced at SDC 2014 was an upcoming integration of SleepRate with SAMI.

SleepRate currently offers a Sleep Improvement Kit designed to improve sleep and quality of life. The kit, which includes a SleepRate smartphone app and heartrate monitor, collects heartrate and environmental data, analyzes your sleep patterns, and provides a treatment plan based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) protocols exclusively licensed from Stanford University.


SleepRate has already built a prototype version of its app that uploads heartrate data to SAMI, analyzes it, calculates the sleep score and sends it back to SAMI. Thanks to SAMI, users can allow third-party apps, such as nutrition and exercise, to access SleepRate’s insights. In turn, these new apps can create value for their users by combining different data points from multiple sources. Health data generated by other apps on SAMI can likewise improve SleepRate’s recommendations to its users. Finally, SAMI integration multiplies the amount of device sensors that SleepRate can use.

In the coming months we’ll talk about the details of SleepRate’s integration with SAMI. Below, check out an interview conducted with SleepRate CEO Uli Gal-Oz about the new partnership. (Interview begins at 6:11:30.)

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